Welcome to the Order...

The Order of Laibach has served as a community of old-school and modern gamers, artists, musicians, and intellectuals for over twenty years.  Serving as a hub for the fans and players of PC and console gaming, this site is dedicated to the individuals who wish for more than what the industry offers today.  

From classic tabletop and text-based RPGs, to the most in-depth MMO, we have spent countless hours amongst friends, old and new, creating a truly "unique" Guild experience.  Joining is free and open to all.

FORMER SITE USERS: An e-mail was sent to all users with temporary password information for the new site.

The Elder Scrolls Online (MMO-RPG)

For those interested in joining The Order of Laibach in the Elder Scrolls Online, please note that the Guild has been created, as an Ebonheart Pact Guild, Bloodthorn PVP Campaign and to contact @Firedorn or @Einheit in game for invites or post a message under "Recruitment" on our forums. Please be sure to state the game and your handle when applying through the forums. This is the only MMO of 2014 where we are actively recruiting (for now/wink). Recruitment Link

Casual Status: Neverwinter (MMO)

Neverwinter is upon us and the excitement for this F2P MMO is growing. After many of our Guild have experienced the Alpha phases and the Beta weekends, we have decided that it is time to enjoy an MMO again. In a world where gamers dump a game less than 5-days after release, troll it, beat it, and then convince all around them a game is not worth playing, it has been challenging to build a community around singular titles. The days of doing this are over.

The Guild is up and running in Neverwinter (BEHOLDER SERVER) , Foundry custom campaigns, OOL dungeons, and stories are being designed. With the advent of player created content in an MMO environment we have many options to grow, explore, meet old friends and new, as well as enjoy a game as we did so many years ago. I am only able to speak for myself when I say that I am not rushing to max level, nor am I pounding recruitment macros, rather I will be spending days making new friends, campaigning with old friends, and actually taking the time to enjoy this game for what it is.. a social environment with virtually unlimited content and ability to grow.

- Einheit

We hold true in the belief that PC-based social gaming is the heart and soul of a modern online Guild.  Join the ranks of a mature, honorable, and dedicated Guild today!